I first signed up to Facebook a couple of years ago and for a while I thought it was the bees knees. I was always on there putting on photos and ‘speaking’ to people and reading what they had to say………..then the novelty wore off! I rarely go on now as it all got a bit daft with farmville and fishing and stuff – hello its not a real cow!

Now I only use it to spy on my niece’s and nephews to see how much fun they are all having at University! Their photos are far more interesting than mine ever were. And I don’t necessarily want them or anyone else spying on me.

I think in reality if I want to ‘speak’ to someone I will just ring them up. or perhaps send a text!

In practical terms it’s good once in a while to look at photos of friends and family who may be at the other side of the world and it is quicker and easier than calling or snail mail.  I think it is a useful tool to convey information to certain groups of people, everything seems to have a Facebook group these days but of course the message won’t get through to us old fuddy duddy’s that can’t be bothered with it!