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25 Things – catching up

OK, so I lost interest for a while but I’m putting my Friday afternoon to good use.


Google Maps – use them all the time for camping trips to see where I am going, surrounding area, possible walks, where the nearest pub is etc

Google Earth – What happens next? Live images? People snooping on each other? Ooo who was that I saw round your house with your husband while you were out?? Mmm Big Brother? Fun all the same!





Random article – I’ve been on Wikipedia reading about the tomb of ‘Frederick the Great’ who died in 1786 and apparently had to have his tomb moved in world war II to save the tomb from possible destruction. Must be a bit boring though as there have been no discussions about it!

RSS feeds

Got my Google Reader set up and added a few feeds but the one’s I’ve picked so far seem to fill up the page with stuff I’m not really that interested in. So I’ve set some folders up to organise things a bit better and it looks more manageable now.

I think I look for something I am interested enough in to invest the time on this.

I liked the look of Google reader compared to bloglines, it just looked more familiar to me.

Finding the feeds was easy enough. I started with a couple of the recomended ones and then had a look for some walking and cycling ones.

I’ll probably be an infrequent user though.


I like the one where you can stick photos on maps. Think I’ll use this for holiday snaps and to share images with my camping friends.

I can see uses for other people for some of the others but I don’t think I would use them.


Flickr – I like it!

I can really see how I can use this to post my photos. I’ts not so that I can bore everyone else with my holiday photos, but for me to look at my own mainly. I like the way you can get a map and put pictures on it from where they were taken.

We can also have a look at places before we go.

We go camping a lot with friends so we can share our photos on here. It’s great!

The one’s I’ve put on ’25 things’ are from our whistle-stop tour in our campervan round quite a bit of Europe last Summer. When I get some time I will be putting them on the map!

Here’s one from Rovinj in Croatia

I’m all Linked Up

I’m all linked up now. Just waiting for all the invitations to flood in.

I first signed up to Facebook a couple of years ago and for a while I thought it was the bees knees. I was always on there putting on photos and ‘speaking’ to people and reading what they had to say………..then the novelty wore off! I rarely go on now as it all got a bit daft with farmville and fishing and stuff – hello its not a real cow!

Now I only use it to spy on my niece’s and nephews to see how much fun they are all having at University! Their photos are far more interesting than mine ever were. And I don’t necessarily want them or anyone else spying on me.

I think in reality if I want to ‘speak’ to someone I will just ring them up. or perhaps send a text!

In practical terms it’s good once in a while to look at photos of friends and family who may be at the other side of the world and it is quicker and easier than calling or snail mail.  I think it is a useful tool to convey information to certain groups of people, everything seems to have a Facebook group these days but of course the message won’t get through to us old fuddy duddy’s that can’t be bothered with it!

Is it just me showing my age and turning into an old techno-phobe? Why should I be interested if someon is having a cup of tea or has a headache?

Agree with everyone else about all the user details. I’ve had to set up a spreadsheet for them all, how secure is that!

At least I can say I’m ‘down with the kids’ tweeting and stuff

What I’ve learnt so far

I had to get some help with this as I really didn’t have a clue but now I have created a blog, added a photo, accepted a comment and added new posts – Thanks Shailesh!

Just testing